William's Cake Smash Session.

09 March 2015

It was a little belated but I went to visit William for his cake smash session earlier this month. Normally party hats and candles would be the order of the day but since William's birthday was a few months ago we decided to go for a good old fashioned straight forward Cake Smash. After a slow start, a bit unsure if he was allowed to just dive in he soon got the idea and much messy fun followed. I'll let the pictures tell the story.... (Click on any image for a full size version.)

For anyone interested in the Set-up, this is shot using my mobile studio. A roll of Sky Blue Background Paper from  Creativity Backgrounds, a vinyl (wipe clean!!) wood effect floor from Studio Backdrops and a piece of painted skirting board from the local DIY shop. 

This is a great mobile set-up for me and means I can travel to my customers for sessions like this. It's perfect for little ones as they are not being taken to a strange photography studio, it's in their own home, with their toys close to hand and essentially a bath and clean set of clothes for when the session has finished. 

On this occasion we set up in the family dining room, it wasn't a particularly big space but that wasn't a problem. Here is a wide shot showing Williams mum assisting and the behind the scenes set up. My lighting is provided by 2 Elinchrom D-lite RX4's fired using Skyport, both in soft boxes on the 45' and pulled back as much as possible to give an even light regardless of where the subject decided to sit to demolish more cake! 

Cake Smash Behind the Scenes

If you would like to book in for a cake smash session please do contact me using the link in the menu bar or by following my Facebook Page. Cake smash sessions are best booked on or around little one's 1st Birthday and generally work out a little easier with pre-walkers! I've currently got selected dates available in April and May. You can supply your own cake for the session or I am happy to make one for you. 

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