Prices 2014

Photographic Prints

6x4      £4.00

7x5      £7.00

8x6      £10.00

10x8    £16.00

12x10  £21.00

15x12  £30.00

20x16  £45.00

24x20  £57.00

Classic Canvas

24x16    £84.96

26x18    £91.14

28x20    £101.84

30x22    £108.90

34x24    £120.15

36x26    £128.76

39x28    £146.16

48x30    £181.86

54x34    £218.82

60x36    £244.21

Untitled photo

Float Frame

20 x 16 Float Frame - SPECIAL OFFER

Create a multi-dimensional effect with the Float Frame.

This innovative two-level wall product can be adapted to display one image over two levels or frame a single image with contrasting background for added impact.

Clever construction gives the main image a floating effect 

Display one image on two levels or frame it with range of background designs

Choose from a multitude of pre-designed backgrounds

Summer 2014 special price £120.00 (Usual price £180.00)

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